The hellenicpage is undergoing a major rewrite. As one of the first Greek sites on the web, it served a role. Sure it won awards in the ancient days of the internet, but l don't want to rest on my laurels, cause heck, that would be so Greek. Expect the dry wit and fasolada jokes that come from the fervid mind of George. And I'll plug the book when it comes out. Book?

Being Greek, I have to offer you something for dropping by. How about some satire?

What a YAL Memorial Day Event Application Form should look like: PDF or JPG.

Because I've been asked too many times: aka "Greeks for Kerry" & "Greeks for Bush." Are there any Greeks for Nader?

Tribute to the old days:

A review of this site appeared in Yahoo! unplugged, published by IDG Books in 1995:

"The Hellenic Page or

Cool site with Greek information arranged in categories like Classical, Hellenistic, and Byzantine Studies (art, architecture, literature, & more), and information on the modern Greek Diaspora. There is also a form you can use to add your own page, and a good "What's New" section."

Another review appeared in NetGuide(1/96):

"The Hellenic Page/GreekNET. The wonder that is Greece:Art, religions, politics, recipes, Byzantine Heritage, and a people page that cautions "Beware of Greeks bearing GIFs. Rating ***."

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