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Literature & Historical Documentation
Alexander the Great
The greatest military strategist in world history.

ancient Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua
A resource for the study of Greco-Roman medicine and medical thought from Mycenaean times until the fall of the Roman Empire.

ancient Arachnion
A Journal of Ancient Literature and History.

ancient Archive of Watermarks and Papers in Greek Manuscripts

ancient ArtServe TextSearch
- search engine for classical texts.

ancient Classics Alcove
- Superb set of links for Classical materials.

ancient De re militari Association Resources
- Contains information on ancient military methods and practices.

ancient Diotima
- A well produced site highlighting materials for the study of women in the ancient world.

ancientHomer's Iliad

ancientHomer's Odyssey

ancientbyzantine Online Medieval and Classical Library

ancient Penn Classics Gopher

ancientProject Libellus
a library of classical Latin and Greek texts.

ancientResources for Greek and Latin Classics
- from the Library of Congress.

ancient Repositories of Classical Texts or Publications
- a list of electronically available resources.

ancient Tech Classics Archive
- Documents relating to ancient engineering.

- Byzantine studies on the Internet.

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