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Alexandrou, Phaedra Yasou! I'm an American born Greek who teaches Spanish in MD. Just exploring the WWW!
Alexopoulos, Konstantinos I am a twenty year old, GREEK-CANADIAN, who is a proud of his heritage. I've travelled extensively in Greece and I love archeology. I would like to exchange ideas of Greek history, especially "Macedonian" history with anyone who is interested in this topic.
Anestoudis, Arthur (Athanassios) A computer technology student at Curtin University at Perth W. Australia.
Anthony, Constantine Married, four children, 6 grandchildren, former Air Force Captain with SAC on Heavy Bombers (95th) now retired and working with St. George Greek Orthodox Church as Parish Council member, former president and member of Archdiocese Leadership 100.
Antypas, Panagiotis Senior MIS student, University of Houston.
Athanasiou, John I am a Australian Born Greek with a passion for a nation with great music (Katie Garbi) & great soccer (AEK, Shoot! Goal!)
Bezanis, Greg I'm a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech. I love to argue with Greek people :)
Boudourides, Moses Associate Professor at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
Bournis, Kyriakos I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 23 in Astoria, NY of St. Demetrios Cathedral. I am also on the board of the EOCS (Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting).
Chrissopoulos, Yannis I am a grad student in IS at the University of South Alabama. Check out my home page
Christakos, Dean Computer Science and Engineering Major at MIT and author of the MIT Orthodox Christian Fellowship Page.
Chrysanthakopoulos, Georgios I'm a computer engineering senior at Virginia Tech, working as an summer intern for Qualcomm Inc. in San Diego, CA. Originally from Vrilissia (suburb of Athens).
Constantinou, Argyris
Dallas, Nick I'm Greek.
Economou, Johnny A student of Life
Diamantis, George
Ekkekakis, Pantelis MS student, Dept. of Kinesiology, Kansas State U., Manhattan, KS.
Foundas, Andpea I am an architecture student in Perth, Western Australia. I enjoy Scuba Diving, Photography, and playing soccer. Go Panathanaikos! I am of Kazi decent.
Genes, Christos M.
Kaloudis, Marcella Internal auditor for Transamerica Corp. in Chicago
Kanakaris, Greg
Karafotias, Andrew G.
Karetas, Nicholas I am attending Penn State University, majoring in Criminal justice. I attend Sts. Constintine and Helen Church in Reading, PA.
Karahalios, Karrie HI, I am first year graduate student at MIT working towards an M-Eng degree in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
Kavaklis, Yannis Graduate Student at the Computer Science Department, University of Crete. Author of the Lesvos Page
Koufteros, Xenophon I Am An Assistant Professor Of Production/Operations Management At The University Of Texas At El Paso. I Come From Cyprus And I Earned A Ph.d. In Manufacturing Management In 1995. I Have A Great Interest In Military Strategy And In Particular, The Military Balance Between Greece, Cyprus, And Turkey.
Kouris, Andreas Author of Emphasis, the first journal of Hellenic Issues that is being published in the US.
Lois, Kosta I am very proud to be Greek. I am a musician interested in Greek music, and teach dance at Assumption church in Seattle.
Magiros, Joanne Hi, I am a junior at Indiana University majoring in Journalism and political science. I am greek orthodox and very active in the greek orthodox church!
Milazzo, Jessica I have black hair,glassess and my school is Brownell Talbot in Omaha Nebraska
Moustakas, Leonidas A. PhD student in astrophysics at UC Berkeley.
Papanicolaou, Basil
Papoulias, Fotis Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School.
Pappas, Don I'm a grad student in molecular biology at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, LA. Moving to UMDNJ soon!
Pappas, George Doctoral Candidate in Human Genetics and your page editor.
Pappas, Peter
Pateridis, George
Fr. Patides, George N. O Ellino-Amerikanikos Papas.

Poltis, Theodoros
Polydor, Lee I am a Greek-Canadian from Toronto, studying at New York University's Stern School of Business.
Poursanidis, George This will be my second year at York University. I have a part time job as a Computer teacher. I love teaching; I feel that I am helping someone.
Pritsivelis, Athanasios Xairetismata apo Florida, U.S.A.
Sartoros, Dionysios High School student in Montreal
Sismanis, Lazarus Marketing and Advertising Strategies for reaching the Greek American community.
Tsaptsinos, Dimitris Author of AEK home page.
Tungel, Tomas My family homepage. We are all great fans of Greece!
Stamatelos, Demetrios
Tzouvelakos, Angie I am an elementary school teacher specializing in Special Education and I am currently doing a certificate in Educational Technology in Computers at McGill University. My biggest LOVE of ALL is GREECE!!!
Vergotis, Giannis Xwra : Ollandia. Douleia : Manager Logistics & Information Services. Katagwgh apo Ellada : Rodos, stin Ollandia apo 1987 Spoudes: Panepistimio Ioanninwn / Chimia Leeds-UK : Food Science
Zacharia, Giorgos Author of the Cyprus Problem Page.

Unsorted, but I have a back log of hundreds... please be patient.

Malavazos,SpirosBorn and raised in Athens; came to US 7 years ago with my family. My hobbies include computers, traveling, and science. email
Georgiadis, JimmyI am a 27 year old sales director for a greek travel agency. Hobbies: computers, travelling, movies, meeting new people. I would love to hear from other greeks on the net.
Hadji, BillI am a previous resident of Crete. I taught in Chania, and in Heraklion during the 1960's. I will retire shortly and plan to return to Crete to live. I am unsure if my monthly income is sufficient . I am trained in two disciplines. I hold a graduate degree in Philosophy, and also have been a practicing Electrical Engineer for over 25 years. My Greek is in serious need of vocabulary building.
Kouroukis, ThomasGreek Canadian Living in Toronto, Canada and studying Political Science and Environmental Management at the University of Toronto.
Evangelou, AndrewI'm Greek (from Cyprus), I live in north London, and I'm at university in Hatfield.
Sideris, John A sentence or two describing yourself: I live in Astoria, Queens. I work at Omonia Cafe. I really love New York and life in the states but I will neve forget where I came from.
Lentzos, StephanYa sas!I am interested in everything from business to music, and I want to get the unique perspective of other Greek people.
Moissidis, IoannisI Am A Medical Doctor Doing My Training At The Long Island Jewish Medical Center Schneider Childrens' Hospital.
Spentzos, Dino I live in Newport, RI. I usually go to greece every other year.
Flaris, DeanFamily from (and in) Zachinthos.Delegate to the Central Indiana Council of Orthodox Churches. Ask about our audio tape (in English) of the Liturgy of the Sunday of Orthodoxy.
Demitri Xynias & Julie Smeros Julie and I are from Australia, living and working in Tokyo Japan. We have been here for about 5 years. Looking for greek contacts all over the world.
Botsas, LefterisProfessor of economics and management Also editor of a newsletter, International Economic Letter.
Tahopoulos, PeterI am a Electrical Engineer working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Philadelphia, PA.
Siokis, KonstantinosI Am An Undergraduate Studetnt Of Government And Politics At George Mason University. Who's Got Some Spanakopita??
Pappas, Benjamin Goofy weirdo, living in California. Obsessed with designing Greek key patternsemail
Iordanopoulos, MarkosPAOK fan, graphic artist, moved to Southern California a year ago.
Marinakis, ChristosGiassas Aapo To Los Angeles

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